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ribbon_orangeback_small_sqThe Blue Ribbon Campaign have created a MySpace cause for users to join, in addition to the Facebook cause and Facebook group.

They are also encouraging MySpace members to use a blue riboon as their profile picture during ME Awareness Month in May.  You can use one of the badges from the ME Aware blog.  The Blue Ribbon Campaign also have some of these badges on their site.

If you are a Twitter user you can follow @BlueRibbons4ME to follow the latest developments in the campaign.


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It can be difficult as individuals to know what you can do to raise awareness about ME/CFS.  Especially for those moderate to severe persons with ME/CFS and their carers.

There’s a list of ideas on the What You Can Do page.  I guess most people reading this have a blog or use a social media network like Facebook, Twitter or MySpace.

photo by paradigmshifter

photo by paradigmshifter on flickr

You could write a blog post especially for ME/CFS Awareness – either to post on International ME/CFS Awareness Day on 12 May or at any time through the month of May.  Or use your status updates on social media networking sites to link to something you feel is relevant to raising awareness of this condition.

You don’t have to have ME/CFS or care for someone with it.  Anyone can join in.  Help us spread the word.

What you talk about is up to you. Personal experience, facts and figures, current research, a photo or piece of art about ME/CFS or simply linking to an article or organisation that can tell people more. 

Already our participants list is showing that you are not alone.

If you intend to join in please do leave a comment on the participants page so we can add your name to our list.

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